Car Shop

CAR SHOP is an ingeniously simple colours book that taps into a young child’s love
for all things that go.


With the lift of each sturdy flap, there’s a choice to make—if you could buy your ultimate vehicle, what would it be, a car, a truck, a motorcycle, a plane, a bicycle or a tractor? And in what colour? Turn the magic colour wheel at the end to help you decide.


The conversational text encourages toddlers to join in, and in doing so will help develop their speech and vocabulary.


Good for

Colour recognition; developing vocabulary; initiating discussion and decision making.



Coming Soon



18 months to 3 years

ISBN 978-1-8381381-6-5

7” x 7” / 180 x 180mm

7 spreads, with flaps, and a die-cut wheel with acetate


World rights available

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