Tummy Time

“Tummy time – placing a baby on his or her stomach while awake and supervised—can help your baby develop strong neck and shoulder muscles, and promote motor skills.”  
— Mayo Clinic


Here's a book to keep babies’ brains busy while their muscles are hard at work. It’s a double-sided panorama of images – high-contrast on one side, designed to attract babies’ attention, and photos of babies on the other, because babies love looking at other babies. There’s a mirror, too, so babies can look at themselves!


It's never too early to share a book with your baby.
Fostering a love of books is proven to give young
children an educational headstart.


Good for

A newborn to 9 months

Perfect for tummy time




0 months to 9 months

ISBN 978-1-8381381-5-8

210 x 140mm (closed)

210 x 700mm (open)

Board, self-closing concertina

5 leaves, with mirror

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